Fabric, foam, body
Performative installation, 2020
An incorporation of immaterial and material kind. An exchange between body and non-body for the interhuman material exchange production. Body-own openings consume mass, behind it, the foreign becomes one owns, interplanetary matter implodes, a body deforms, a surface expands, a surface becomes volume. There is no perception of an opening without the perception of a surface, and if we didn‘t know where we stopped, we couldn‘t expand.  A celebration of limitation and mutual digestion.

The performance extended over several hours, during which the object was not in continuous motion, but alternated between static, resting moments and transformative changes. Thus it was not immediately identified by the viewer as a performative event and took on the installative character of a disembodied sculpture. During the resting phases, the visitor dared to come closer to the lifeless anonymous figure, which then occasionally came to life.